The hangover cure from the 3-year bear market seems to have been remediated. Bitcoin has matured from a speculative retail asset to an institutional hedging tool against widespread fiat currency devaluation. Companies such as Square and Microstrategy have committed $50m and $425m of their reserves to bitcoin, with CEO of MicroStrategy (a Nasdaq listed company) stating bitcoin as being ‘the best treasury asset’ of the world. This is a short snippet of what’s happening with a nascent asset that is on the cusp of achieving mainstream adoption.

In my blog from Dec 2018, I wrote about the retail market being…

16th Oct 2019. Donald Trump is still the leader of the free world and we’re all incredibly depressed. The left and right are further apart then they’ve ever been. Populism is on the rise, and the elite are playing their final hand with no concern for the consequences.

But, times are a-changing.

Populism on the rise as the inequality gap widens. — Low-interest rates have offered rich people a cheap and easy way of building wealth, whilst costs rise for those at the bottom. The process of printing money and buying assets (quantitative easing) is creating an artificial feedback loop…

We’re in a scenario today where the sentiment surrounding altcoins is disproportionately negative.

Back in December 2018, I stated that Bitcoin was over-sold and had most likely bottomed. Fast-forward 9 months, Bitcoin has increased by more than 100% in price whilst most altcoins have failed to surge synonymously. It’s August 2019, and the sentiment towards altcoins reflects that of Bitcoin 9 months ago. People are scared to take the plunge, wondering if they’ll ever return, just like people were worried about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an incredibly exciting invention that is well on its way to becoming a global reserve currency…

Unemployment rates are low. GDP rates are growing. Consumers are spending. The economy is booming. These are pseudo statements that have been regularly echoed by western world leaders, in particular, Donald Trump.

The thing is, these statements are true, but they’ve all come at a huge expense:

  • Corporate bond-market is severely over-leveraged. Corporations are becoming embroiled in an M&A frenzy.
  • Companies can’t afford to pay back their debt. Many of these ‘zombie’ companies are on a life-support machine (i.e the Federal Reserve).
  • We can’t afford to pay back our credit. Consumers are spending alright, they’re spending on their credit card…

“The wolf is chasing the sheep!!!…” Or so they believed.

The villagers ran up to the crying boy only to realize that there was no wolf. They were fooled. 2nd round of cries came again, the villagers ran up again only to realize there was no wolf, once again.

The wolf eventually turned up, the villagers didn’t. The villagers wanted to believe the kid but ended up disappointed on one too many occasions.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

When Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, individuals with a computer and internet access could lend their computer power (CPU) to mine Bitcoin. As the value of Bitcoin increased, so did the awareness of Bitcoin mining. The growth surge of the industry and its value drove innovators to seek ways to maximise efficiency: this began with a switch to the more cost-effective Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), before it was superseded by a new generation of processors designed specifically for the mining of Bitcoin — ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

Proof-of-Work (PoW) is the original consensus algorithm in the bitcoin network. ASICs…

As bitcoin continues to level out in a bear market that has been long-pending following the unprecedented bull-run from Q4 2015 to Q4 2017, investors are looking for signs that could trigger the next bull-run. Bitcoins price action since the start of the year hasn’t been reflective of it’s growing fundamentals. The successful implementation of the lightning network, positive regulatory clarity and industry-standard exchanges being built are factors that continue to fuel bitcoins development to become a genuine store of value whilst making a case for a means of exchange. Whilst these factors are worthy of a blog alone, the…

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