• Gabe Lincoln

    Gabe Lincoln

    Blockchain Gamer since January 2019

  • Miraj Lathia

    Miraj Lathia

  • Howard Es

    Howard Es

  • Trey Wilson

    Trey Wilson

    Senior Software Developer that enjoys trying to help other developers learn anything about software.

  • Hurinavari


    裏トオジャアク 吉田神社附属専門学校某科院生

  • Andrés Felipe Ropero Santiago

    Andrés Felipe Ropero Santiago

    M.Sc. in Physical anthropology and freelance translator. Passionate about many subjects, including languages, literature, photography, politics, food & cuisine.

  • Michael Keller

    Michael Keller

  • Assaad MOAWAD

    Assaad MOAWAD

    Interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, data science, blockchain, technology, astronomy. Co-founder of Datathings, Luxembourg

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